SENZON | Put the Phone Down?

It feels surreal to live in an age where everyone has access to the internet, allowing us to create a narrative of who we are, and what we stand for from the touch of our phone screens. The technological advancements in the past century have created unspoken interconnectedness, resulting in people giving their two cents where unneeded.

Or perhaps, people have become more out of touch than ever before. There is growing concern that we are living in a world where empathy is not prioritized, and people’s devices have become extensions of themselves. As someone who has grown up always having had access to the internet, it feels like second nature to pick up my phone upon the next buzz or ding. While it isn’t news that my generation has become increasingly reliant on technology to complete schoolwork, network and search for jobs, I feel this disconnect all the more in recent weeks. 

I’ve noticed my attachment to my phone as my brain searches for the next moment of instant gratification when receiving a new text or email. I want to get better at living my life in the moment and putting the phone down. In an episode of one of my favorite podcasts hosted by Scott Galloway and Kara Swisher, they emphasized the prevalence of technology and its permanent integration into the lives of Generation Alpha and beyond. 

Originally posted 2023-11-05 19:34:48.